Guidelines for family Hosts

The FBN Internship Programme has a flexible structure, allowing host families to set their own offer and conditions as they wish.  Based on program experience and requests from interns, FBN International has established recommendations and best practices to ensure the experience is valuable for both the intern and the host family.

Shoud you have any further questions and/or recommendations, please connect with the FBN NxG Internship team!

Why a Family Business Internship Program?

Since 1989, the Family Business Network International (FBN) has dedicated itself to helping family businesses grow and prosper through the exchange of best practices, new ideas and peer-to-peer learning that is most potent and powerful within the sanctit  of a secure network.
An effective manifestation of this vision is the FBN Internship Programme: a unique opportunity – and responsibility – of our member families to do well by doing good, by taking on interns from other business families for a short period of time.

In order for Next-Gen family members to prepare for future leadership roles, experts and senior owners strongly recommend gaining external awareness by travelling and learning from other family businesses.

The FBN Internship Programme connects these future leaders with family businesses around the world to gain invaluable experience and fresh insights.

Not just an ordinary internship!

The FBN Internship Programme is by families for families: therefore both Next-Gen members and host families benefit from FBN’s unique and secure atmosphere. The Next-Gen intern will gain experience and valuable insight into the running of a like-
minded family business. But the host family benefits as well. It is said that in teaching, we are taught. And the host families in our programme have found it an equally enriching experience for themselves.

What can I gain as a host?
For starters, you will gain a useful project resource.
You’ll also get a chance to see your own family through fresh eyes.
Importantly, you can encourage your own children, the Next-Gen leaders of your family business, to interact with a young person in a similar ownership situation – the experience will be unique and often impactful to both parties.Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to establish a connection with another business-owning family from another part of the world.
What interns expect from hosts?

Most often, Next-Gen members have a primary aim of gaining experience through exposure to other family businesses, sectors
and cultures. Interns are usually between 18 and 30 years old. Many are students or recent graduates in their early 20s looking to gain new skills and knowledge. Some interns in their mid to late 20s are taking a break between assignments to broaden their experience beyond their own family’s business.

FBN strongly recommends that the host family defines in advance the internship offer including the branch or department that will offer the internship, the mission or primary objective of the internship, the dates, and internship conditions. From experience, the most appealing departments include marketing and sales, finance, general management, and the sustainability arena.

The FBN Internship Programme is a great way for families in business to meet and learn from each other.
Besides offering an interesting work experience to the intern, he/she would want to learn about the family-part of the business as well. The intern would expect to meet with you and other family members in order to obtain insights in the family governance, conflict management, transition and succession.

FBN therefore strongly advocates the organization of formal and/or informal gatherings – whether it’s observing a board meeting, attending a family council meeting, a family day or just a few drinks with your own NxG – or with the NxGs of your local FBN Association!

What kind of internship can you offer?

This can vary from host company to company. FBN generally advises an internship period of at least 4 weeks, in order for interns to settle in and contribute, for a proper exchange of ideas, and for insights and learnings to be take root. Often, interns who are college students seek a 1-3 month engagement during their summer break – they seek to get an overview of the business and to explore several departments.  Others sometimes request a longer period of 6 months to a year, with the chance to lead a full project.

Examples of former internships

Please find here examples of previous internships – should you need any further inspiration, full reports are available upon request!


How much salary should you pay the intern?

The intern’s salary would depend on local conditions and the requirements of the internship. Remember that living and social
experiences are to be valued as well. Naturally, all trainees appreciate having a salary to cover at least their out-of-the pocket expenses and have some allowance left over during their internship. At the end of the day, however, it is up to you as the host family and employer. A clear agreement should be made before the internship begins.

Do host have to offer/help with housing?

Interns usually appreciate the support of hosts in finding and settling into their accommodation. Host families can open their homes to the intern, or provide assistance in finding a rental apartment.

Do host need to get a vis/work permit for the intern?

This will depend on each country and its rules and regulations. There is no general rule for all countries. Please do check this with your local authorities to receive their guidance.

What guarantee do host have that the intern is really motivated?

FBN International personally contacts all applicants. We do our best to check all applications and motivations, but the interviews and intern selection remain the host’s decision. The final agreement is between the intern and the host company directly.

We do encourage hosts to have a thorough discussion with the intern about their expectations, working conditions, business targets, work styles and motivation before finalizing the internship agreement. In addition, FBN International requires the intern to:

  • Provide an accurate CV and personal cover letter
  • Contribute their best to your mission
  • Provide regular and open feedback to their host company and FBN International; and
  • At all times, respect the FBN Code of Conduct
How do I become a host?
  1. Define your internship offer.
    Define the internship mission, conditions and the key person who will help the intern during his/her stay. Discuss the process with your Human Resources department. The more precise your internship offer is, the better the applications you will get!
  2. Post your offer on FBN Xchange.
    Once your internship offer is defined, login to FBN Xchange platform and go to the ‘Internship’ tab – go to Become a Host, and fill in the form.
  3. Wait for applications to come in!
    Once the NxG Intenship team has double-checked the applications, the candidate details will be forwarded directly to you.
  4. Get back to candidates.
    Then it’s up to you to select NxGs you would like to interview; please give feedback to all applicants. During interviews, make sure you mutually agree on the internship conditions, dates and next steps.
  5. Stay Connected!
    Should you wish to update your offer or mention that the position is filled, please just connect again and edit your profile. Our team will keep in regular contact with you to follow up on your offer and seek feedback for improvement.Tick-BecomeHost
Who is the FBN NxG Internship team?

The Internship program is led by NxGs for NxGs!
Should you need any support in defining your internship offer or in posting your internship offer, we, the NxG Internship Team, are happy to answer any of your questions. You can reach us on