Family Business Internships

Dear Family Business Owner,
The Family Business Network Internship Program connects Next Generationers with Family Businesses around the world. The aim:

  • Sharing of values
  • Exchange of best practices
  • Transfer of knowledge that is most potent and powerful within the sanctity of a secure network.

We would like to invite you to join our renewed internship program as a host and see your family business from a fresh perspective!

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The FBN Internship Programme is by families for families: therefore both Next-Gen members and host families benefit from FBN’s unique and secure atmosphere. As a host:

  • Gain a useful project resource
  • See your own family through fresh eyes
  • Set an example for your Next Gens to conquer the world
  • Build a long-lasting connection with another business-owning family

    “It has been really amazing to see perspectives from such a young woman on her own family, and learn from her and see how they went until the 5th generation.  We are only in our second generation!” – A family business based in Chicago in the USA, hosting an NxG from Brazil to gain experience as a journalist in automotive advertising.



Besides offering an interesting work experience to the intern, he/she will want to learn about the ‘family-part’ of the business as well. The intern would expect to meet with you and other family members in order to obtain insights in the family.

  • Host a NxG for a few weeks or for a longer period
  • Shape the future of a potential leader of another family business
  • Gain a useful project-resource
  • See your own business from a fresh perspective
  • Build a deep connection with another business-owning family
  • Encourage your own Next Generation by allowing them to interact with a person in a similar ownership position

“My own children learned about all the good things that the family business can achieve… We were pleasantly surprised when he was able to get to the core of our business in a short period – and he helped us find some interesting future business partners whom we would not have found on our own.“ – Dutch family business host, father of four, host to a NxG from Brazil.

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