FBN NxG Award Eligibility

About the NxG Award Who can apply?
Candidates must be:
– Aged between 18 and 40
– Member of The Family Business Network

Is your project eligible?
The NxG Award aims at rewarding, projects who ideally:
– Contribute to the renewal or perpetuation of the family business
– Show innovation in at least one of the following areas: product, process, management, governance
– Contribute to a sustainable future in either of those fields: society, environment, business, family, future generations
– Be launched more than 1 year prior to the application submission
– Projects could be either profit or not-for-profit

What kind of project are rewarded?
Here are a few examples…
– Launch of new product / new service / new branch
– Invention protected by a new patent
– Innovative way to solve business and /or family issues
– New product-making process – New organisation / management structure
– Launch of innovative marketing / communication tools
– New family organization

How are the projects evaluated?
The projects are first submitted to all our Member Association Directors who elect the finalists. Then, a jury of senior representatives of family businesses, young entrepreneurs and academics evaluate projects against the following criteria:
– Family business orientation: how far the project contributes to the renewal or perpetuation of the family business
– Sustainability: Outlook for the project’s long-term success and impact on the family, the business, and the wider environment and society
– Level and intensity of innovation
– Quality and clarity of the project
– Profile of the NxG member: vision, enthusiasm, and perseverance

Any questions, please contact nxg@fbn-i.org  We look forward to seeing applications coming in!

The FBN NxG Leadership Team