FBN NxG Award

About the NxG Award

The NxG Award was created in 2009 with the purpose of championing young family business members who initiated entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial projects. Since its launch, the Award has supported young innovators in their journey. Building on 8 years of successful entrepreneurial stories, the Award fosters a community of young NxG entrepreneurs within the global network.

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This year, we had the pleasure to be partnering with the EDHEC Business School as Academic partner of the FBN Next Generation Award.

Congratulations to our 2016 Winner – Caroline Walerud, Sweden

Caroline Walerud
NxG Award Winner – Volumental
2nd generation
Walerud & Partners, Sweden

Caroline is a passionate entrepreneur devoted to building Volumental, which she co-founded in late 2012 with three computer vision experts in Stockholm. Volumental is building the platform for the future of product customization. The platform makes it easy to accurately scan and store the body data and get products with a perfect fit to the customer. Recently, Forbes listed her on their 30-toplist of young entrepreneurs in Europe. Caroline is a partner at Walrud Ventures since August during the days she is not working at Volumental. Caroline also works to shape politics and promote entrepreneurship through three great initiatives: the Swedish government’s reference group for strengthening entrepreneurship, STING Incubator’s advisory board, and Prince Daniel’s Fellowship. Caroline has been an entrepreneur since she was 14 when there wasn’t any good bread in the neighborhood, so she started baking sourdough bread and sold it door to door. The rest of the time she tries to stay active when possible: yoga, basketball, dog walks and surfing. She also likes cooking and art, both others’ and her own. Academically, she enjoys learning how the world works; whether that is through neuroscience and zoology (which she studied at Cambridge University) or through many other perspectives.

Topped most rankings for Swedish startups of its size, “Volumental”, is a Stockholm-based startup using technology to create a world in which products are made to suit your body – an antidote to the world of mass-production. Volumental is building the digital infrastructure for the future of product customization. This includes 3D scanning, secure cloud storage, data analysis, parametric design and visualization. The technology makes it easy to accurately scan your body and get products with a perfect fit.

“Both my parents, and several generations, back to the late 1800s on both sides, are entrepreneurs. It is very inspiring to realize that with vision, grit and integrity, it is possible to build great things and change the world for the better.”

2016 Finalists

Lucas Correa Sevilla
NxG Award Finalist – Bambu Wasi
3rd generation
Semaica, Ecuador

Lucas Correa Sevilla received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2012 (‘with distinction’). After working for various offices around the world, in New York, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai, Lucas returned home to Quito, Ecuador in 2013 to start odD+, an emergent architecture and urban design office that has been awarded the Premio al Ornato- the most prestigious architecture award in the City of Quito for 2015. Lucas is an adjunct professor and lecturer at Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA) where he teaches advanced design studio and urbanism. He is also Director of Strategic Planning at the Metropolitan Institute of Urban Planning at the Municipality of Quito where amongst other responsibilities he was in charge of directing Quito’s Spatial and Urban Plan for 2015-2025. He is a licensed architect in Ecuador, and a member of the Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador.

The project, Bambu Wasi
Bambu Wasi, is a family business initiative that has as its main goal to develop sustainable affordable houses made out of Bamboo. The project was born under the merger of SEMAICA, founded in 1956 (3 generations of construction experience) and odD+, an emerging architecture and design firm founded in 2013. The project follows two overarching principles. First, to contribute back to society and second, to build a better future for upcoming generations.

On April 16th, 2016, Ecuador suffered one of the worst earthquakes of the past 20 years. Ninety-eight percent of the structures collapsed in the affected region, the remaining 2% of the structures that were not affected were built with bamboo. Using the knowledge of his family construction business, Lucas started a pilot project to develop low-income bamboo housing – environmentally friendly and seismic-resistant. The project allowed the family to increase the usage of its raw material and get a new income source while helping the most affected areas to thrive economically.

“Our family has always encouraged a way to create new business models that not only benefit our family, but helps the communities in our country that are most in-need.”

Winson Yeung
NxG Award Finalist – Singbee Lighting
2nd generation
Singbee Technology, China

Winson Yeung is a 2nd generation family business member. He graduated from Imperial College London and has an EMBA from Beijing University. Winson’s family business is in the food manufacturing, distribution and retail sector. After graduation, he joined AXA (UK), but shortly after he saw the difficulties and opportunities within Singbee Lighting (a newly-formed LED lighting business created by his father-in-law, Wang Yuancheng) and within mainland China. Winson decided to join his wife Lina’s family business, as a salesperson for the LED business. He is now the Vice President of Singbee Lighting. After working one year within his own family business, Winson currently holds advisory role working with his mother, May To. Winson mainly spends time in the USA, Portugal, Hong Kong and China where the two family businesses are mainly based. Winson is on the Asia/China FBN committee and FBN-I NxG committee. His biggest passion is his role on the FBN Polaris committee, championing responsible stewardship and sustainability in family businesses globally.

Singbee is a crystal manufacturer. In 2005 Winson’s father-in-law created Singbee lighting, in the hope of switching to a more environmentally friendly business. Singbee focuses on LED Lighting, which was something no one had heard much about 11 years ago. Together with his wife Lina, Winson managed the change required to switch the company from an art in a creative industry to high technology in a scientific one. Today, Singbee Lighting is the core and major business of the Singbee Group.

“Our dream as a family business to create a pollution free world is still a crazy one, but it is not the first time we have chased a crazy dream. We had been through many tough times, but whatever happens we know our family will deal with it, together.”


For all three finalists whose projects are selected by FBN Member Associations:
– A free pass for the 2016 FBN Global Summit in Suzhou, China
– Peer-group learning sessions
– The chance to present your project to peers and receive direct feedback

For the winner of the Award:
– Personalized coaching sessions with EDHEC Experts and Peer-group learning sessions
– A seat in EDHEC’s world-class leadership programme DRIVE at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst in the UK
– An exceptional FBN-EDHEC partial scholarship of €15000 for the EDHEC Family Business Global EMBA, the first EMBA for Family Business Leaders in Europe.

For everyone:  The reward is also in the process: by applying to the NxG Award you also
– Join the international community of young Family Business entrepreneurs
– Get the opportunity of fine tuning your project and receive first hand guidance from peers

Winner of the 2015 NxG Award

The 7th edition was kindly supported by SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Congratulations to our winner – Marc-Antoine Brochard

Marc-Antoine Brochard – Sodebo, 3rd Generation France

Stimul – a mobile health and wellness company

Three out of four people in developed societies will die prematurely from conditions related to their lifestyles, habits or circumstances. Stimul aims to inspire employees to change their lifestyles in order to successfully and sustainably improve their health. It was first tested by members of Marc-Antoine’s family and then by employees of his family business, which is now taking full advantage of Stimul’s development as a wellness brand.

Stimul is the family’s first new start-up so it is an opportunity to learn about how to breed entrepreneurship, and how to create a structured ecosystem that can help other members of the family when they seek to build the next big thing.

Marc-Antoine says: “The family is the first institution I go to when facing doubts. Plus, having people who understand that creating a business takes time, dedication and a bit of craziness, and who believe that there is actually a new market to create, is an unbelievable relief and support.”

Past Winners and Candidates

Riccardo Occleppo
Winner NxG Award 2014

Brian Pallas
Finalist NxG Award 2014
Opportunity Network

Jaako Wäänänen
Finalist NxG Award 2014

2009 Edition winners: Roberto Sirotsky, Brazil, Edouard Thijssen and Edouard Janssen, Belgium
          Partner: IMD

2010 Edition winner: Simon Torres, Colombia          
          Partner: Loyola

2011 Edition winner: Tanguy du Monceau, Belgium
          Partner: INSEAD

2012 Edition winner: Caroline Abdon, Sweden
          Partner: London Business School

2013 Edition winners: Antonio Ermirio de Moraes Neto, Brazil, Laura Horstmann and Ingo Wersborg, United States
          Partner: Inspear Education and Research Center

2014 Edition winner: Riccardo Occlepo, Italy
          Partner: INSEAD

2015 Edition winner: Marc-Antoine Brochard, France
          Partner: SDA Bocconi School of Management