About Our Events
FBN International Summit

Every year we organise a high-profile International Summit for business-owning families. This provides outstanding opportunities to learn from each other about family business cultures and best practices from around the world.

Questions that we deal with include:
- How do we combine the best of the old and new ways of running a business?
- How do we keep the business looking forward?
- How do we prepare younger family members to take over our business?

FBN Next Generation International Events

Each year we offer Next Generation members the opportunity to network around the world, listen to inspirational family leaders and learn from the best Family Business academic experts, in an enjoyable environment. Next Generation events help prepare younger members to take on their roles and responsibilities within the family business and develop their own network of peers. NxG International events are hosted by our various Member Associations and consist of world-class speakers.

FBN National and Regional Events

Our Member Associations organise events all year long. Visit the Coming Events page to view a list of upcoming National and Regional events.

“The networking provides significant value. We discovered that even if the family businesses come from different continents they still share the same values and ways of doing business.”

“I always learn new tips to use in my business and they always come from networking at the social events.”