International Career Opportunities
Stretch your horizons...

As a next generation member you should make sure that you have a good exposure to businesses other than your own family business. We offer Next Generation members the opportunity to gain experience in another family business in another country.

Over 90 internship or job experiences are currently available. Check out the offers on FBN Xchange.

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For NxGs

Stretch your horizons...

- Follow a Summer internship or job experience
- Gain experience outside your family business
- Gain valuable insights from a like-minded family business
- Explore new fields and industries
- Build up your personal network
- Discover another culture from the inside, not as a tourist

For Family Owners

Welcome a new insight...

- Host a NxG for a few weeks or for a longer period
- Gain a useful project-resource
- See your own business from a fresh perspective
- Build a deep connection with another business-owning family
- Shape the future of a potential leader of another family business
- Encourage your own Next Generation by allowing them to interact with a person in a similar ownership position