Alliances & Preferred Partners
A strategic Alliance or Partnership with the Family Business Network is a way of demonstrating a long term support to Families in Business as well as a strong interest in their sustainable development model.

Global Alliances
Exclusive partners in their sector of activity, the Alliance partners are strongly associated with FBN International activities throughout the year.

Egon Zehnder International was founded in 1964 by Dr. Egon Zehnder with a distinctive vision and structure, focusing on top management; and remaining independent from the capital markets. This allows the firm to dedicate itself entirely to long term client relationships.

Besides executive search, and board consulting, the identification, evaluation and development of senior management talent in companies around the world continue to be the core activities of Egon Zehnder International.

Egon Zehnder International is operating from 66 wholly-owned offices in 40 countries - 420 consultants are organised around a single profit-center partnership. This allows the firm to operate seamlessly when engagements call for multi office, cross-border collaboration or knowledge sharing.

Preferred Partners

IMD Global Family Business Center

IMD has worked with leading entrepreneurial families from all over the world for a quarter of a century. As a recognized center of excellence, the IMD Global Family Business Center offers extensive expertise, highly relevant research and a wide range of educational offerings and events that provide cutting-edge insights to practicing families in business.

Family businesses are highly complex. They must continuously align the interests of the family with the ownership and objectives of the business. They typically have a very long-term, values-based approach; each generation wants to ensure the success of the business for the next generation. However, succession planning can often present a tough challenge for family businesses. Family conflicts can erupt over diverse business visions and a lack of clarity on the evolving roles of family members.

Family businesses from around the world come to IMD for the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge on how to deal with the highly specific and unique challenges they are facing. Leading the Family Business, Leading the Family Office and The Next Generation are all part of IMD’s family business programs and world-renowned for providing advanced fundamentals and practice-driven solutions for families in business.

Founded in 1860, Chopard is renowned in the luxury watch and jewelry industry. It is also one of the last remaining family-held companies in this field. Chopard is owned by the Scheufele family, whose third and fourth generations all actively work in the firm.

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