Articles of Association

Family Business Network International (hereinafter the “Association”) is a not-for-profit association within the meaning of articles 60 and ff of the Swiss Civil Code, duly registered with the Commercial Register. The Association is formed for an unlimited period of time.

The organs of the Association are:
1. the General Assembly
2. the Board of Directors
3. the Nominations Committee
4. the Next Generation Leadership Team
5. the Management Team
6. the Executive Director

Association’s Purpose

The purpose of the Association is solely for charitable, educational or scientific activity, including but not limited to the following:

  • To help families in business understand and attend to their challenges on a regional and a global basis, and to help family owned businesses how to be successful and to encourage them to ensure the sustainability of their business.
  • To provide comprehensive access to the most meaningful sources of information about family businesses through associations, meetings, conferences, peer networks of all sorts, and to establish/maintain contact with other providers, including academics and consultants.
  • To support families in business and to serve as a connection between individuals and organizations involved with family business systems.
  • The Association may exercise any activity or enter any transaction within its purpose. The Regulations of the Association provides for a list of the activities related to the purpose.

Our Governance

Board of Directors

The Board is in charge of the general business and strategy of the Association. The Board shall pass resolutions on all items that do no fall within the attributes and powers of the General Assembly or are not reserved for other bodies by law or under these Statutes. View current members

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee looks after and addresses all possible conflicts of interest pertaining to board of director’s position. The Nominations Committee encourages the rotation on the board and regularly seeks new applications from Member Associations. View current members

NxG Leadership Team

The Next Generation Leadership Team is a representative body that works on behalf of all National Associations’ Next Generation members (NxG) by identifying, prioritizing and developing initiatives. View current members

Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the management of the Association and the implementation of the directions and instructions issued by the Board. View current members