New Leader Circles

About The New Leader Circles

The FBN NxGi Committee now has a programme dedicated to New Leaders: “The New Leader Circles” (NLC). Made by New Leaders for New leaders, this programme offer NxG members that are currently embarking on leadership roles within their family business, the opportunity to participate in small focused peer groups tackling topics New Leaders are facing.

The aim of those peer circles is to share, in confidence common challenges: working hard in earning a leading role in the business, building our own families and sometimes also constructing the family governance.


NLC Facilitators Trainings

To support Member Associations in launching their own circles, the NLC Team organizes training workshops. The trainings are moderated by David Bork, an experienced moderator and expert in the Family Business field. Lasting for two days, with a maximum number of 15 participants.

  • A training program offered to Next Generation (NxG) members to raise awareness on key aspects to achieve successful leadership and positive family business dynamics.
  • Experience a new type of training that is very experiential and interactive.
  • Learn facilitation skills and participate in small focused peer groups (Circles) tackling common challenges new Leaders face.
  • Facilitate Next Generations deep networking and exchange of experiences in your own peer group after the training.
  • Each trained facilitator will then be part of FBN “International New Leader Circle Facilitators” circle and benefit from direct and ongoing peer support.

Several Circles have already been launched in FBN Member Associations with great feedback:

“I opened up and discussed issues I would never share. I felt truly happy and relieved.”
“I reflected about my life and realized what I really want to do.”
“NLC made me stronger and more capable to deal with family business situations.”
“I gained new insights about myself that I never realized or thought of before”


We would like to invite you to join our next training opportunity:
September 2017 – Budapest, Hungary

Hosted by Tamas Kurti
Led by David Bork
Facilitated by Rania Labaki, Tamas Kurti, Roland Szymanski

Budapest1 budapest2


  • Next Generation (NxG) members, family members from the age of 20-40 years old.
  • We expect a higher NxG age group, since the topic is focused on leadership.
  • We expect a total attendance of 15 NxG members.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand key drivers of family business dynamics.
  • Learn how to apply facilitation skills to grow personally and professionally
  • Present and discuss solutions to common challenges faced by New Leaders within the family business
  • Deep networking opportunities with other next generation members from family businesses.

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Further information:
View the home made video from our Facilitators Training held in Lausanne : View the Video
Should you want to attend one of the next NLC training, or would like to get some further information, please do get in touch with the NLC Team

Your NLC Team
Tamas Kurti – Samuel Maldonado – Rania Labaki – Roland Zymanski