About NxG

What do we offer to NxGs?

A unique and secure place to:

  • Learn from leading experts and entrepreneurs from all over the globe
  • Meet with NxG peers and share experiences
  • Build up your social network
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Have fun!

NxG Activities include:

Who are We?

An international network of over 2,800 young family business owners, in 60 countries, all belonging to the same but intimate community.

By NxGs for NxGs

FBN NxG International activities are led by the NxG Leadership Team – an international group of Next Generation people, all in different phases of involvement in their family businesses.

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Our Mission
To maintain, support and energize Next Generation members of families in business, who experience similar challenges, in a trusted environment.

Our Vision
Happier families and sustainable businesses through an aware and inspired Next Generation.

Our Values

Why a Next Generation Programme?

Next Generations face challenges on a daily basis:
– Do I want to enter, or stay in the family business?
– How can I help the Senior Generation to manage the transition from one generation to another?
– How can I leave my mark on the business?
– How do I manage clashes between family expectations and my own desires?
– My friends do not understand my position, with whom can I share my concerns with and get insights from?

At FBN-NxG we provide a worldwide network dedicated to Next Generation members. It allows them to share their experiences and concerns, improve their international awareness and learn from people of the same age group. It helps them gain the skills and support that will strengthen success.

Are you a Next Generationer?

Our Next Generation Programme is just for you if you are ages 18 to around 40 and:
– You have not yet joined the family business and you are still in education or at an early stage of a career outside the family business; or
– You have started working for the family business and would like to develop skills in areas such as conflict management, negotiation, communication; or
– You have been working in the family business for some time and are now in the advanced stages of the succession process, and you would like to develop leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

NxG Contact

christine Christine Gaucher
Next Generation Officer
Phone: + 33 6 89 43 11 52
Email: cg@fbn-i.org
Work Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday