NxG Leadership Team

Who We Are

NxG International activities are led by the NxG Leadership Team – we are an international group of Next Generation people, all in different phases of involvement in our family businesses.

Our Mission
To maintain, support and energize Next Generation members of families in business, who experience similar challenges, in a trusted environment

Our Vision
Happier families and sustainable businesses through an aware and inspired Next Generation

Our Values

Our Team Members

Maya Faerch
President NxG Leadership Team
Project lead Communications

6th Generation, FaerchFondien Denmark

Maya Færch is a 6th generation member of her business family, 3rd generation of the family foundation FærchFonden and 1st generation of her own investment company after the family has sold their two family businesses, Færch Plast and Scandinavian Tobacco Company.

Maya has a Master in Business Leadership and has worked as a consultant in the Danish Red Cross and PwC. Maya is currently Partner in SDGlead, a consultancy building longlasting impactful business solutions in developing countries. Furthermore, Maya is  President in the international NxG Leadership Team in FBN and member of the international board of Family Business Network.

Arjun Chowgule
Vice President NxG Leadership Team
Project Lead: Member Associations

4th Generation, Executive Director, Chowgule and Company, India

Arjun is a 4th generation member of his family’s business Chowgule & Company – a group that is headquartered in India with global operations in commodities, logistics, engineering and trading. He manages the group finance operations and parts of the engineering business.

Arjun is associated with a number of industry initiatives and currently co-chairs the skill development initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (Western Region). He was also on the drafting committee for the education vision document of the present Indian government. He is a volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation and teaches their yoga and meditation programs aimed at youths.

Arjun completed his BA in Economics from the University of Durham and his MA in Organisation Studies from the University of Warwick.

Dr Dominique Otten-Pappas
Academic Expert, NxG Leadership Team
Project Lead: NxG Award

3rd Generation, Famos, Germany

Dr. Dominique Otten-Pappas was born in 1979 as second oldest of 14 cousins making up the third generation of a German business owning family. She graduated with a BA in French Studies and Psychology from Lancaster University in the UK in 2003. Afterwards she worked as HR project manager in a family owned retail business before completing her MBA in the Netherlands in 2010. She finished her doctoral dissertation about the career decisions of male and female successors in German family businesses at the University of Witten/Herdecke in 2014 where she continues to work as senior research fellow and assistant professor. Additionally, she is family manager and advisory board member to her family’s business assisting the ownership and governance transition from the second to the third generation. She has been part of FBN Germany since 2010 and is currently a member of the German FBN board as well as academic expert to the FBNi NxG Leadership Team.

Onur Eren
Project Lead: Internship Programme

3rd Generation, Inci Aku A.S., Turkey

Onur is a 3rd generation entrepreneur leading a customer oriented team to restructure the supply driven automotive supply parts value chain according to the demands of the end user, as CEO of SekizGen. He is a member of the board of several subsidiaries of Inci Holding, a prominent regional player in manufacturing automotive wheels & batteries and distribution.

Mr. Eren holds a BA degree in Mechanical Engineering, in Istanbul Technical University, and currently attends Management Information Systems program for MA degree, in Boğaziçi University. Following several entrepreneurial activities during high school and university education, his official career began in 2007 in Garanti Bank, Financial Institiutions. He has joined his family business as a sales representative for Inci Aku, the battery manufacturing operations, in 2009 and became Business Development Manager for Ukraine and Russia operations, shortly after. Exploring new ventures in a foreign environment lead him to the “Digital Country”, where he co-founded SekizGen with his cousin Hakan Önal as CTO, for e-business development in automotive supply parts.

During his time out of office, he spends his time contributing to Family Business Network International and Turkish Industry and Business Association, swimming and snowboarding. happily married, resides in Istanbul, Turkey.

Clémence Hannecart
Team: Internship Programme

4th Generation, Matexi, Belgium

Clémence is finishing her Master degree in Bio-engineering at KU Leuven, Belgium and will start working for AB InBev as a trainee in August. Clémence her biggest passion is travelling and meeting new people from around the globe.

She is a member of the NxG Committee of Belgium and has recently joined the NxG Leadership Team. Together with Onur, Christine, Richard and Alex she will be working on improving the Internship Program of FBN.

Alexander Mykhailenko
Team: Internship Programme


Coming soon!

Richard Rentrop
Team: Internship programme


2nd Generation, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Bonn – Bad Godesberg, Germany

Currently I finish my master in statistics at TU Vienna – Born and raised in Bonn – Bad Godesberg, Germany.

During my free time I love to travel and experience nature.

Tamas Kurti
Project Lead: New Leader Circles

2nd Generation, Principal owner, leader, KÜRT Academy // Custodian, Kurt Information Security Group, Hungary

As a NextGen at a high-tech family enterprise, Tamás grew up seeing outstanding performance, accomplishments, humility, creativity and power around him.

After a journey in online corporate strategies in Hungary and the US, he joined the family business where he founded and led its research and development center for five years, ending in a professional succession.

By working at the board level for 7 years and organizing the family forum for 10 years, Tamás realized how deep is his love for growing by sharing experiences. This is why he founded FBN Hungary and felt blessed to co-design and execute FBN-I’s New Leader Circle program as member of the NxG Leadership Team.

Today Tamas co-leads KÜRT Academy – a future fit company that focuses on digital transformation of enterprises, agile transformation of C level leaders, and professional transformation of future jobs, such as data science, ethical hacking, and network marketing – with his wife, who is also a nextgen (new leader) of an environmental social company, specialized in the bioenergy sector. Tamas personally engages in developing leadership and ownership teams of entrepreneurial family businesses.

He holds an MSc. in Engineering Management and a Postgraduate Degree in Organizational Development, Coaching and Supervision. Resides with his wife and daughter in Budapest.

Roland Szymanski
Team: New Leader Circle

3rd Generation, Lars, Poland

Roland Szymański is the eldest of the 3rd generation of his family business, the FBN Poland NxG Leader and co-owner of LARS which is a conglomerate of different engineering departments including: building automation, LED lighting and helicopter business. Roland began with his first start-up at the age of nineteen, and he became a pilot at the age of sixteen. After earning his Master of Law degree, he had a short-term experience in working for a corporate bank. Meanwhile he was still working on his start-up business – helicopter maintenance facility. Now Helicenter is still a growing part of the much bigger family business that was founded in Poland in 1964 when the country was still under the Soviet rule. Roland is working with his father and sister Linda in the family business. He is also running outside start-up projects to preserve the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Samuel Maldonado
Team: New Leader Circle

4th Generation, Grupo Económico Maldonado (GEM), Venezuela

Samuel is an active member of the GEM Family Council. Samuel has a BA in Psychology and a BS in Business Administration from The Citadel Military College of South Carolina and is currently pursuing a Masters in Family Entrepreneurship at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen Germany.


Colin Trabold
Team: Member Associations

3rd Generation, Tonti Properties, USA

Colin Trabold is part of the 3rd generation of a family run US based real estate group. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in German Language and European History. He is currently an M.B.A. candidate at the University of Miami with a focus in Real Estate and Finance. Colin is currently an active participant in FBN North America’s NxG committee and also serves as the North American representative on the NxG International Leadership Team.

Laissa Moura
Team: Member Associations

3rd generation, NxG executive in Brazil

Laíssa comes from an entrepreneur family. She is 3rd generation member of a rubber artifacts industry called ITEB, as well as 2ndG of an engineer filtration industry Laffi Filtration, and of an editor and advertising agency called L3 Publicidade, Propaganda e Marketing.

Laíssa has a bachelor degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Foreign Trade and is currently finishing her Post degree in Education Management in Brazil. Education is the most important subject in her life and what has led her life and career. Other subjects which she is interested in are: human behavior, people management and business. During college, she had the opportunity to work for Walt Disney Company, where she could better understand about corporate education, how to build a powerful company culture and innovation. After that, her passion for people management had increased.

Laíssa has always been involved in volunteer works. She works for CISV, an international and global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship. She is a leader trainer coordinator and board member.

Since 2016, she is the executive responsible for the Next Generation in Brazil and an active member in the NxG committee.

FBN for her is where she combines everything she likes and believes (family, people development, business).

Valentine Barbier Mueller
Team: NxG Award

3rd Generation, Société Privée de Gérance, Switzerland

Valentine is from the third generation of a real estate and property services company based in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts from King’s College London, where she majored in Philosophy and minored in Film Studies, and a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School. She has been a member of FBN since 2012, attending various Global and NxG Summits around the world, as well as local events from the Swiss chapter. She is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.


Yvette Koppert
Team: NxG Award

3th Generation, Koppert Biological Systems, the Netherlands

Yvette is a 3th generation member of her family´s business Koppert Biological systems – a company with global operations in biological crop protection and pollination. She graduated with a BA in Business Administration and MA in Finance & Investments from the RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2013. Afterwards she worked at a Corporate Finance boutique in the Netherlands as an M&A analyst for almost 3 years. Currently she is co-founder of Gerrard Street, a start-up that aims to develop circular consumer electronics, starting by offering high-end modular headphones via a subscription (€7.50/month) including regular updates and repair service. The company is backed by the EU’s main climate innovation initiative Climate-KIC and currently enrolled in the Investment Ready Program of Impact Hub Amsterdam. Yvette has been a member of FBN since 2006, attending various Global and NxG Summits around the world, as well as local events from the Dutch chapter.


Vincent Chian
Team: NxG Award

2nd Generation, Principal, Fairview International School, Malaysia

Starting out in the medical field as a psychiatry registrar in Manchester, Vincent clearly understood the value of relationships. In 2009 he joined the family business, Fairview International School as a teacher, led the science department, started the IB Diploma programme and is now the Principal of the main campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Spearheading the advanced International Baccalaureate Programme in Malaysia, he cares for over 2000 students and 300 staff.  His activity in the group spans marketing, strategic planning, business development, Human resources, teacher training, managing the IT infrastructure of all the 5 Fairview campuses across the network and being Santa Claus at the annual Christmas celebrations. He is a Concept-Based Teaching and Learning Trainer, IB conference presenter, Workshop leader and of course, a seasoned classroom teacher. He is deeply passionate about education and believes that good quality education should be accessible to all levels of society. Vincent currently leads the NextGen initiative in Malaysia and sits on the FBN Asia Board. He completed his MBChB(Hons) in Manchester and has an Executive MBA from Tsinghua-Insead MBA

Peter Maenpaa
Team: NxG Award

3rd Generation, Development Director, Tammer-Tukku, Finland

Peter is 3rd generation of the family business Tammer-Tukku, which is one of the leading distributors of fast moving consumer goods in Northern Europe, headquartered in Finland.

Having lived, studied and worked in Finland, Japan, Switzerland and Spain Peter strives in a multi-cultural environment.

In addition to his active ownership role in the family business Peter channels his entrepreneurial drive through involvement in real estate development companies that he has co-founded with industry professionals.

He completed his BA in International Hospitality Management from École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and his MBA from IESE, Spain.

Luisa Salusolia
Team: Communications

2nd Generation, Operations Manager, Glendola Leisure Ltd, United Kingdom

Luisa is a 2nd generation member of her family business The Foundation Group Ltd that operates pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium, through its two operating companies; Glendola Leisure and the Carlton Hotel collection. Luisa works for Glendola Leisure as Operations Manager; She joined the family organisation 9 years ago with prior experience in hospitality management, marketing and event management. Luisa graduated from the University of London, Royal Holloway, with a BA Hons in Italian with French. Following her firm belief in the importance of sustainability of family businesses, she is an active participant and member of the UK Next Gen Committee and has recently joined FBN Next Gen Leadership Team in the Communications division.

Linda Szymanska
Team: Communications

3rd generation, LARS, Poland

Linda is a 3rd generation member of her family business, LARS, which designs and manufactures professional lighting solutions, home automation systems and maintenance of small aircraft. After studying Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations in London, she went on to gain a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing from London Imperial College. Having gained experience working in both Spain and the United Kingdom, in 2016 she decided to integrate her passion for marketing into the family business and moved back to Poland, where she now spearheads the Marketing and Communications department.

Susana Cortes
Team: Communications

3th Generation, Espar, Colombia

Susana Cortes is a 3rd gen member of her family business. She has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in Brand Management & Communication from IED Milano. Her experience working with different projects and people from around the world, led her to open her own Neuroscience & Branding coaching program along with her mother. She is passionate about helping others to find their life’s purpose using nature as a source of inspiration, creating conscious communications for human development and co-creating strong businesses and long lasting brands.


Vladimir Moshnyager
Team: Communications

7th Generation, DSC, Switzerland.

Vladimir was born in 1983 in Paris as second oldest of 14 cousins making up the seventh generation of a Swiss business owning Family. After a master in Communications & Marketing, Vladimir started in advertising on the creative side, being an Art Director. He transitioned quickly to digital and strategy before moving to Switzerland and managing social-media for brands in an agency and as an independent. His focus is shifting now towards fintech and cryptocurrencies.
Vladimir is involved with FBN international in the communications team, and as a board member in Switzerland.


Desiree van der Kaaij
Team: Polaris

3rd Generation, Redstar, The Netherlands

Desiree is the 3rd generation of the family owned business RedStar in the Netherlands – an organization that grows, packages and sells tasty tomatoes all year round. Currently she is working as an International HR & Recruitment Manager at an international foundation for knowledge development. Furthermore, Desiree is a member in the NxG International Leadership Team where she focuses on the Polaris initiative.

Desiree started at the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam where she got her BBA in Small Business & Retail Management. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Leadership & Management in which she wrote a master thesis about professionalization within family businesses.

Simon Torres
Project Lead: Polaris

2nd Generation, Board of Directors, Grupo Contempo, Colombia

Simon Torres is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a family owned business based in Bogota, Colombia, where he has served as member since 2005. Contempo is a second generation family owned business and a local leader in green real estate development and hospitality.

Parallel to that, Simon has founded and has been developing a social project since 2009 in his hometown dedicated to soccer training for young kids. He has been awarded with the Young Entrepreneurs Honors for this project, prize given by the Family Business Network during the world summit taken place in Chicago in 2010.

Prior to founding the soccer school, Simon worked for a government institution in his country which takes care of the welfare of the children across Colombia managing the construction of schools and kinder gardens in remote and poor areas. From 2003 through 2008, Simon worked in construction as a managing engineer throughout various projects, mostly institutional buildings.

Simon Torres holds a Family Business MBA from the Kennesaw State University in Georgia. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Transportation Engineering and Construction Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

Winson Yeung
Team: Polaris

2nd Generation, Singbee Group, China

Winson is a 2nd generation member. Graduated from Imperial College London and has a EMBA from Beijing University. He currently works together with his wife Lina Wang in Singbee Lighting focusing on innovation manufacturing for LED lighting. Together they have created LED street and commercial lighting with a useful expected lifespan of 244,000 hours. Singbee Group is founded by Winson’s father-in-law, the core business is Singbee Crystal. Winson is also involved in his family business of food, manufacturing, distribution and retail within Hong Kong. Winson is also a committee member of FBN Asia/China and FBN Polaris committee together with Lina.

Hermine Abdon
Team: NxG Events

3rd Generation, Abdon Finax, Sweden

Hermine Abdon is a 3rd generation member of her family business. Although she is not actively working for the family business, she is very much involved in the questions about the future of the company. In 2012 Hermine graduated from Imperial College London with an MSc in Strategic Marketing, and she has a BA in Business Management from London Metropolitan University. Since her graduation, she has established an international career in Digital Marketing with a focus on Analytics. She has lived in London and New York and worked with various multinational retail companies. Hermine is also very involved in World Childhood Foundation USA, where she helps out with social media analytics. She has been a member of FBN since 2009, attending various Global and NxG Summits around the world, as well as local events in London and Sweden. She currently lives in Stockholm.

Mehrad Jaberansari
Team: NxG Events

Sepahan Industrial Group, Iran (3rd Generation)

Mehrad is a 3rd generation member of his family business Sepahan Industrial Group – headquartered in Iran and a premium manufacturer of steel pipes and precision tubes used in a variety of industries; from auto and construction to urban natural gas pipelines.

Born in Canada, raised in Iran, studied in London, worked in Hong Kong and Dubai, and now getting his MBA in Madrid, Mehrad is a global citizen with a strong belief in the family institution.

After 5 years of full-time employment in private banking and aviation consultancy, he is currently enrolled in the International MBA program at the IE Business School in Madrid. Furthermore, he is in the working group to establish FBN’s Iran chapter and a member of the FBN International NxG Leadership Team.

He completed his BA (Hons) in Development Studies with Economics at the University of Westminster and MA in Development Studies at the London School of Economics.


Christine Gaucher

FBN Next Generation Coordinator

Christine coordinates the Family Business Network Next Generation initiatives, including the New Leader Circle, the NxG Award and the International Internship Program. Working closely with the NxG International committee since 2007, she’s acting as a servant leader, insuring next generations’ a safe place to grow together.

French citizen, Christine holds a Master in Communications from Poitiers Management School with an additional professional master in communication audit. From 2004 til 2007 Christine managed internal communications for Philips Seminconductors France and started her career in England as a marketing assistant for Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

Want to join the NxG Leadership Team?

To ensure the dynamic of the group and encourage a full rotation of the members about three five years, we encourage NxG members to join our group. Please connect with Christine Gaucher cg@fbn-i.org