Who Are We

Welcoming business-owning families


The Family Business Network (FBN) is a not-for-profit international network that is run by family businesses, for family businesses, with the aim of strengthening success over generations. FBN International Network was developed in 1989. Today, with over 10,500 individual members from over 3,200 family businesses across 60 countries, FBN is continually increasing its ability to help family businesses grow, succeed and prosper through the exchange of best practices, new ideas and the peer-to-peer learning activities within its network.

Video: FBN Corporate 2016

What makes The Family Business Network unique:
– Is a not for profit and non-solicitation organization
– Includes family members across generations
– Supports the Next Generation (aged 18-40) of business-owning families
– Shares best practice and knowledge within a worldwide network at global and local levels
– Fosters intimate exchange and inspirational peer to peer learning
– Sponsors value added research
– Promotes the case for family business towards a more sustainable future

Success and sustainability over generations

There is no business like Family Business. It stands out from other types of businesses because of a certain kind of passion that can be a unique source of strength. At the same time it faces some specific issues which include: bringing on the Next Generation of owners; organizing governance of the business and the family; and dealing with inheritance and gift taxes.

These issues are mostly ignored by general business networks. To fill the gap, the Family Business Network was set up in 1989. Its value is shown by our rapid spread to over 60 countries with 31 Member Associations that cover a range of economies across North America, Asian-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

We know that running a family business can be difficult. We know that it can be lonely in ways that few outsiders understand. But we also know that the commitment and multi-generational thinking of family businesses can provide an unrivaled competitive edge and huge personal satisfaction.