FBN takes you on a journey through different planets

About the event

The FBN Global Family Gathering is a commitment to create an inclusive, safe and shared global space for the network's 17,000+ members in 65 countries - to experience, learn from, contribute to and collaborate with a vibrant global community across international boundaries, time zones and business sectors.

The online program - a transformational learning experience designed to spark new ideas and help build important relationships – is organized to work for all time zones, utilising best practices for online collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.





Together Apart : Redefining Success Across Generations

After decades of prosperity coupled with economic polarization, the current COVID-19 crisis has exposed the necessity to accelerate change in a society where too many people see the economy as a system to which they do not belong.

Family businesses are central to this debate, widely backed by next and now generations questioning the norms of the past and no longer willing to accept the status quo. Family businesses of all kinds have contributed to lifting millions out of poverty, but must continue to deliver for all stakeholders, championing inclusive growth while protecting the planet.

By participating in the Global Family Gathering, members will get the unique chance to reflect and explore topics including:

  • Is COVID-19 a chance to redefine success across generations in our family business?
  • How can generations work together to build this new future?
  • Who and what really counts in our system? Who and what should count?
  • What can we learn from remarkable leaders able to transform their family business system while retaining their values?
  • What can we learn from the experience of other cultures, countries, industries and businesses which can help us adapt and transform?

Why you need to be a part of this

✓  Get insights from world-class speakers

✓  Connect with families from around the world

✓  3 planets to choose from ( Inspire to Lead, Learn to Thrive, Exchange to Sustain)

✓  An innovative social activity to play together

✓  Access to the best of the best sessions from FBN Worldwide network

✓   Feel the power of our global community from the comfort of your home