Entrepreneurs Committee


Mehrad Jaberansari

Sepahan Industrial Group, G3, Iran. NxG Leadership Team President

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Mehrad is a 3rd generation member of an Iranian enterprising family.

Born in Vancouver, raised in Tehran, and having lived in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Madrid over the past 17 years, Mehrad is a global citizen with a strong belief in the family institution.

Before founding his own social enterprise in the pet industry, Mehrad worked as a Project Manager at Julius Baer in Hong Kong & London, where he was involved in the international acquisition of Merrill Lynch IWM, and later as Business Development Manager for ACC Aviation in Dubai.

Mehrad is an avid snowboarder, and enjoys maintaining a balanced lifestyle via fitness, nutrition, meditation and an active social life. Most notably, he is an ardent dog-lover who enjoys parenting his 2-year old pup Meeko. In his free time, he organises dog-friendly events to raise money for dog rescue & rehoming charities.

He holds a BA (Hons) in Development Studies with Economics from the University of Westminster, an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an International MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.

Roles within FBN-I:               

  • Member, Board of Directors
  • President, NxG Leadership Team
  • Ambassador & Former Chair, Entrepreneurs Community
  • Member, Polaris Committee

Key Topics of interest:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • The environment & sustainability
  • Dogs & Innovations in the pet industry

Selin Yigitbasi-Ducker

4G, Yasar Holding A.S, Turkey. Co-Chair FBN Entrepreneurs Community

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Selin is an award-winning social entrepreneur whose aim is to engage as many people as possible to create a better world. She started Goodsted with the mission to build the most accessible and diverse platform for individuals and organisations to collaborate on social and environmental goals. 

Goodsted is an impact enablement platform for businesses to achieve ESG and social value targets. Businesses can engage colleagues, customers, suppliers or partners, and share their skills & expertise to support impact startups and non-profits. The platform helps to easily report on all the engagement and impact, and scale programmes effectively. Goodsted is not only a business solution - it's also an open social network for all individuals to progress causes they care about.

Born in Izmir, Turkey, and currently living in London, she has a multi-disciplinary background in business, branding, and design & innovation, and she made the leap from working as a Marketing Manager in brand consultancy to study her MA in Design & Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London to then starting working on starting Goodsted in 2018. She has been full-time with Goodsted since raising a pre-seed round in 2020.

Selin won the FBN NxG Lombard Odier Award in 2018, and carried on to win the CampdenFB Top Next-Generation Entrepreneur Award in 2019. She is the fourth generation member of Yasar Holding A.S., which through its subsidiaries, engages in the food and beverage, coating, tissue, and tourism businesses.

Oliver Laiho

3G, Laiho Industries Oy, Finland. Co-Chair FBN Entrepreneurs Community

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Oliver is a 3rd generation entrepreneur from Finland. His family is a manufacturer of water piping equipment as well as high precision cnc-machining.

From the factory floor it was natural to pick-up the passion for manufacturing processes, industrial scale productions and technology.

Currently, half of the year Oliver is engaging in a mission to build the “best summer job for young people from young people”. In front of Helsinki there is a new island being developed for tourism and the entrepreneurial opportunities on the island are abundant. Oliver is building a system where young people get to take responsibility, lead and build projects in a relatively low risk and high reward environment. 

The two main projects at the moment are a restaurant and a new cafe that is opening on the last day of June. 

During the winters when the island is not accessible he is actively exploring different possibilities to enhance the food production and consumption. He is an angel investor in a vertical farming company that’s aiming to ease the farm related pollution of the Baltic Sea by growing microgreens without fertilizer and excessive nutrients. 

After studying international business and computer science in Santa Barbara, California he went to the University of Jyväskylä to study information systems sciences. While in school he founded his first company Babylonia Capital to lower the barrier for entry to the newly established crypto market. 

The company turned out to be the first asset management company in Finland in that sector and paved the way for Finnish crypto legislation and for new companies to enter. The same changing regulatory landscape he was helping to build ended up forcing him to close down the business.