Polaris Training with Al Gore

Defining Success Across Generations

With our inherent long-term focus, family businesses are natural champions for a more inclusive and responsible capitalism.

Polaris Training with Al Gore

To enable business families on the sustainability journey, FBN developed Polaris. Named for the North Star, Polaris is a global movement of business families focussed on maximising positive societal and economic impact. We have built tools for Family Businesses to measure, benchmark and improve their impact, published over 40 case studies on members aligning purpose with profit and created learning programmes to help members deliver inclusive growth, better manage risk and foster resilience.

With 4,000 Business Families across 65 countries, FBN is the largest network of family businesses and uniquely positioned to be The Voice of Family Business ; advocating and delivering a shared prosperity to Redefine Success Across Generations. Watch our video to learn more.