About us

Our Network

The Family Business Network (FBN) is the world’s leading organization of business families. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Lausanne, FBN is a federation of Member Associations spanning 65 countries. A vibrant community, FBN brings together 4,000 business families – encompassing 17,000 individual members of which 6,400 are Next Generation (between 18 ans 40 years old).

By families, for families, together across generations

Our Purpose

To enable business families to thrive and transform across generations to build a sustainable future

Our Mission

We offer business families a safe space to learn from, share with and inspire each other about how to guide the family involvement in the business, facilitate relationships within the family and raise the awareness and importance of family business models in society

Our Values

  • Confidentiality and non-solicitation

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Commitment and Involvement

  • Fun

  • Be a force for good



A Global Network

FBN Member Associations cover a range of countries in North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Annually, FBN organizes thousands of events and activities across the network including

  • The Global and the Next Generation Summits

  • Community gatherings such as the Entrepreneurship Day and Polaris Impact Forum

  • Cross chapter meetings

  • Family business visits and learning journeys

  • Online activities

  • Peer Circles

  • Learning programs and workshops

  • Internship program


A Community of Communities

FBN is an inclusive organization that welcomes all business family members. We are a community of communities developing programs tailored to the wide needs and interests of its members including by generation, role, and topic. Communities include Next Generation (members between 18 and 40 years old), Polaris (a global movement of business families championing Family Business as a Force for Good), Entrepreneurs, the Now Generation (leaders that are actively involved with their family business but not fully in power yet), Large Families (cousins' consortiums with 50 or more shareholders), Family Office (family businesses transforming into families in business).



FBN is a registered not-for-profit association under article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. FBN Governance bodies include:

  • The General Assembly
    The General Assembly is the supreme authority of FBN. It is composed of the Presidents of all its Member Associations.

  • The Board of Directors
    The Board oversees the general business and strategy of FBN. It is composed of 12 FBN members and the CEO, who is Secretary to the Board of Directors. 

  • Honorary Board Members
    They are former Board Chairs who are recognized for their long time contribution and services to the FBN community

  • The Team
    More than 100 executives work for the network around the world. At the federation level, the Central Team mission is to inspire, nurture and connect FBN Member Associations, their executives and their members worldwide.

  • Communities
    Each community is led by a committee of leading volunteer members and executives who steer its activities.

The Ambassadors’ Circle

Established in 2014, the Ambassadors’ Circle is a group of FBN members that have played a leadership role in shaping FBN. Its mission is to help FBN develop, grow and flourish by actively contributing to the network at an international and local level. The Ambassadors’ Circle is neither a governing body of FBN, nor an honorary circle of retired family members.