Impact – Our Raison d’Être


The goal of FBN’s Impact Community is to enable business families to create an impact in the world and build a lasting legacy across generations.


To create pathways for systemic change through responsible business transformation, impact investing, philanthropy and advocacy.

Responsible Business Transformation

Family businesses are uniquely positioned to lead responsible capitalism and demonstrate how purpose-driven companies deliver positive performance. Studies show that considering impacts for all stakeholders enables you to engage the best talent, manage risk and future-proof your business. As a community of values-based entrepreneurs, family businesses are well-positioned to benefit from the US$12 trillion business opportunity – delivering impactful market solutions in key economic sectors aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

FBN Impact provides family businesses with multiple avenues to embed sustainability and impact into their business models:

  • Family Business for Sustainable Development platform built in partnership with UNCTAD: A pledge and framework to help family businesses in their sustainability reporting journey.
  • Case Studies: To learn from strategies and innovative practices of other family businesses.
  • The Polaris Roadmap: A journey map and step-by-step guide towards sustainable business transformation.

Impact Investing

Impact investing – investments that seek both financial and impact returns – have become a compelling driver of systemic change. While impact investments, just like traditional investments, do not come without risks, they are a formidable way to discover and scale solutions to social and environmental problems.

It is no surprise then, that business families are increasingly viewing impact investing as a means to drive social and environmental change.

FBN Impact’s programming allows for members at all stages of their impact investing journey to participate:

  • Learning sessions for beginners to understand concepts, methods, and good practices towards building an impact investment portfolio
  • Journeying together with other FBN members, by applying learnt concepts to making first investments
  • “Open Spaces” for members wanting to garner support for the impact investments they are making



Philanthropy has been one of the foremost ways in which business families have practiced their commitments to leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Today, the polycrisis has highlighted the need for philanthropy to become more strategic, and impact measurement to become more rigorous.

FBN Impact provides opportunities for families to,

  • Learn how to make their own philanthropic efforts more consolidated, strategic, and effectively measured
  • Create family collectives, thereby channelling larger funding to important issues
  • Garner support for their own, successful philanthropic initiatives to help scale solutions that work



A number of families in the FBN network are using their voice for good; from building child rights collectives, to creating systems to safeguard informal workers. While contributing 70% of the world’s GDP, members of FBN have put forth to themselves the challenge of also being 70% of the solution to the world’s problems.

AT FBN Impact, we

  • Work to amplify the voices for good from across the network
  • Speak about the impact being created by business families at numerous international platforms such as the SDG Tent at The World Economic Forum, the Building Bridges conference, the World Investment Forum, etc.



We recognize that every business family takes a unique and personal path to creating impact. To meet our members exactly where they are, and to be able to offer support to all of our members from across the globe, FBN Impact’s programming takes a three-tiered approach.


FBN Impact Steering Committee

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