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The Family Business Network is the world’s leading organization of business families

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Lausanne, FBN has the mission to offer business families a safe space to learn from, share with and inspire each other about: how to guide the family involvement in the business; facilitate relationships within the family; raise awareness and importance of the family business models in society.

FBN is a federation of 32 Member Associations spanning 65 countries. The Global network gathers 4,000 business families – encompassing 17,000 individuals of which 6,400 are Next Generation.

A community of communities

FBN welcomes all business families members!

Our 6 different communities are tailored to the needs and interests of our members according to their generation, topic, role:

Next Generation, Polaris, Entrepreneurs, Now Generation, Large Families, Family Office.

FBN Global Summit 2023 in Paris

Family Business in the Age of Transparency: Making the Invisible Visible

​Transparency is a concept that is now used extensively in today’s world, often to fight unethical behaviors, and as a way to foster or even restore trust.

What does it mean for business families, when many of them promote discretion and live by the motto: “to live happily, let’s hide away”? When should we “make the invisible visible”, and when not?

The Summit will explore this fascinating contemporary theme, looking at different contexts for transparency and visibility: the business family itself, the individual, and society.

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FBN Lombard Odier NxG Award

NxG Award

Are you an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, and would you like to attend the Global Summit in Paris? There's a chance for you!

We are proud to announce that this year we are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the FBN NxG Lombard Odier Award, which recognizes young and innovative minds. This year, we are excited to introduce two new categories that will showcase the outstanding contributions of the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within the NxG Community.

If you are interested make sure you apply or nominate NxGs that you know will meet the profile!

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FBN-UNCTAD joint initiative: Family Business for Sustainable Development

Family Business for Sustainable Development is a partnership between FBN & the United Nations focused on advancing sustainability practices of family businesses and creating a shared prosperity for all.

The FBSD Pledge, issued from this partnership, is a global statement for business-owning families, their firms and the wider family business ecosystem to promote a more purpose driven business model therefore contributing to global sustainable development, inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

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Our events

Our wide offer of international events varies from in-person to online events.

Our newly established online activities gather the following formats:

- Global Webinar Series: Our webinars for bigger audience focus on general topics and are presented by knowledgeable speakers.
- Community Gatherings: Members of the same community discuss, learn and come together in these interactive and smaller formats.
- Master Class: Peer-to-peer learning format with discussions and exchanges between members inspired by real cases, facilitated by leading practitioners.

Our events offer a safe space where business families can learn from, share with and inspire each other in a variety of formal and informal settings.

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FBN is an inclusive organization that welcomes all business family members. We are a community of communities that develops programming tailored to the wide needs and interests of our members including by generation, role, and topic.

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