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The Family Business Network is the world’s leading organization of business families

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Lausanne, FBN is a federation of Member Associations spanning 65 countries. A vibrant community, FBN brings together 4,000 business families - encompassing 16,000 individuals of which 6,400 are Next Generation - through 750 annual events.

FBN Global Family Gathering

FBN Global Family Gathering

FBN Global Family Gathering is our first global online event to keep our community connected and together globally.

The programme has been designed as an adventurous 2-day space journey to explore relevant contents, transformational life experiences, and help build important relationships.The GFG gives an unique chance to visit 3 different planets:

  • Inspire to lead: Plenaries from thought leaders
  • Learn to thrive: Case-studies that delve into remarkable stories
  • Exchange to sustain: workshops and discussion groups that highlight the power of peer-to-peer learning
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Family Business for Sustainable Development

Family Business for Sustainable Development is a partnership between FBN & the United Nations focused on advancing sustainability practices of family businesses and creating a shared prosperity for all. The FBSD Pledge is a global call to action for business-owning families, their firms and the wider family business ecosystem to promote a more purpose driven business model therefore contributing to global sustainable development, inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

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FBN enables our members to thrive and transform across generations to build a more sustainable future. Our events offer a safe space where business families can learn from, share with and inspire each other in a variety of formal and informal settings.

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Join our vibrant global network today! FBN's 33 Member Associations cover North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Reach out to the Member Association in your country to learn more about the local programs and events they organize for networking, learning and sharing.




FBN is an inclusive organization that welcomes all business family members. We are a community of communities that develops programming tailored to the wide needs and interests of our members including by generation, role, and topic.



Force for Good

“We think in generations, not in quarters”

With their inherent focus on long term success, business families are natural advocates for a more conscious capitalism as they seek to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

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A stimulating and lively community, FBN organizes 750 activities annually across our network. On the international stage, we host a Global Summit and a NxG Summit every year, as well as community-specific gatherings like the NxG Entrepreneurship Day and the Polaris Impact Forum.

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