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13 February 2024 Association
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"We do trade ideas and learnt experiences the world over"

For more than 30 years, the Family Business Network (FBN) has been organizing unique and thought-leading activities for business-owning families, providing opportunities for Family Business owners to learn from each other and share best practices in a trusted and safe environment.


I can say with honesty that never before have I been surrounded by people who just get it. For anyone that runs a business especially those who work alongside their family, they will know that it can sometimes be a lonely place with huge responsibility and commitment. Sharing and talking with peers is comforting, eye opening and almost a therapy; knowing the entire family business community faces the exact same issues, day in, day out. 

Whilst our business does not trade internationally, this experience has made me realise that as a small family business from Northamptonshire in the UK, we do trade ideas and learnt experiences the world over. A form of global trade that is invaluable in measure and hugely valuable in what it provides to the family business community.”

FBN Member


As a great example, the 2023 Global Summit brought together nearly 550 people from 30 Chapters across the globe and from all types of family businesses.  The program contained more than 40 sessions, with Plenaries, Community Labs, Small Groups, and Case Studies – all centered around the common theme of Transparency.

Our theme for 2024 

Just as a drop of water generates a ripple effect, we will explore how ownership expands beyond our contexts and how to deal with the waves of the unknown that the future entails. 


  • Why ownership matters? 
  • What does long-term value creation mean, beyond financial value? 
  • What are the USPs of FB Ownership?  
  • How to combine different generations in defining the ownership strategy?  
  • How to entice new generations to embrace Ownership?  
  • What are the development needs of owners? 
  • How to develop education for owners?
  • To whom do owners owe their responsibility? 
  • How does the sustainability narrative fit & what does it mean in the context of the largest transfer of wealth/ownership?