Now Gen

Now Generation

By Now Generation, for Now Generation

Our newest community offers members of the Now Generation a trusted and intimate environment to focus on their personal growth, while nurturing their families and businesses. Now Generations are business leaders between 35 and 55 years old that share a common responsibility for their family businesses.

These business leaders are often accountable but may not be fully in power yet. Just as importantly, they strive to be role models and servant leaders both for their family and their business.



What do we want to provide to Now Gens? 

A trusted place to:

  • Exchange and grow with their peers

  • Learn through direct engagement and sharing with other Now Gens

  • Receive peer feedback and become the best version of themselves

  • Focus on themselves while also growing with their family through knowledge gained from profound and intimate stories

  • Discover new insights from concrete business cases

If you are a “Now Gen” and would like to join Now Gen Circles or future Now Gen activities, please contact Christine Gaucher.


Now Generation Committee

Alexis Lombard


Alexis represents a long standing tradition of private banking and wealth management in Switzerland. Him and his family have been advising large global families for many generations.

He started his career as a banker at Lombard Odier, where he was covering mainly large families in LATAM markets, based in Geneva and later in Zurich.

In 2016, Alexis joined, together with some members of his family, one of the oldest Private Bank in Switzerland, Banque Landolt. In 2020, Landolt merged its activities with Oddo BHF Switzerland, one of the largest privately owned bank in Europe.

Since 2021, Alexis is in charge of developing the international activities for Private Wealth Management of the family owned Group Oddo BHF, where him and his family have joined as shareholders.

Today Alexis is co-leading the FBN International’s fast growing Now Gen community, addressing the paradigm of cross generational challenges.

Alexis also hosted the inaugural FBN Polaris Impact Summit in Geneva together with Al Gore in 2016.


Vladimir Moshnyager


Vladimir, grew up in Paris and studied advertising and communications. He started his career as an art director in old-school advertising agencies, and then as a founder of a digital advertising & transformation consultancy in the mid 2000s.

Then active in various digital advertising jobs until 2014 when he met bitcoin and the crypto community, an ecosystem he stayed in since. Part of the 7th Generation of DSC, a family business based in Basel, Vladimir is involved in family governance, and active at multiple levels in FBN.

In the past he cofounded the Nxg committee in Switzerland and participated in the Leadership team at FBNi level. He’s now board member in Switzerland and NowGen co-lead at FBNi.