A Community of Communities

FBN is an inclusive organization that welcomes all business family members. We are a community of communities that develops programming tailored to the wide needs and interests of our members including by generation, role, and topic.

Our Next Generation community is comprised of over 6,400 members that actively connect and support each other via numerous events and activities, including an annual NxG Summit and NxG Entrepreneurship Day.

Impact is a global movement of business families championing Family Business as a Force for Good. We create thought leadership content, develop case studies, and design events such as the Polaris Circles to enable family businesses to Redefine Success Across Generations.

We also provide a safe space for Entrepreneurs to gather together as a community, inspiring and challenging each other to build new and better business ventures.

Our newest communities support:

  • The Now Generation: business leaders that are actively involved with their family business but perhaps not fully in power yet.

  • Large Families: cousins' consortiums with 50 or more shareholders.

  • Family Office: family businesses transforming into families in business.