Board of directors

The Board oversees the general business and strategy of FBN. It is composed of 14 FBN members and the CEO, who is Secretary to the Board


Farhad Forbes

Forbes Marshall, India – G2, FBN Chairman

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Farhad Forbes represents the 2nd Generation of Forbes Marshall, responsible for the Industrial Process Automation and Control Group of the Company. He has been in the company since 1982. Forbes Marshall is one of India’s leading companies in the fields of Steam Engineering, Energy Conservation, Utilities Management, and Industrial Process Automation and Control. It employs over 1100 people and has Joint Ventures and alliances in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Japan.

Alexander Scott

Applerigg, UK - G4, FBN Treasurer

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A fourth-generation family business owner, leader and strategist, Alex is Chairman of Applerigg, a private, family-owned business built on the foundations of a financial services group established by his great-grandfather in 1903. Following his leadership of the sale of Provincial Insurance Group in 1994, Alex founded the first of the Applerigg group portfolio companies: Sandaire, an international multi-family investment office, later joined by Yealand Administration, a funds administration company; Mount Kendal, a real estate investment advisor; and Horizons, a contemporary network and learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow. He is a Non-Executive Director of his family’s investment holding company, as well as of several private companies. Alex is a Trustee of the Grosvenor Estate, and chairs the Grosvenor Pension Plan and Wheatsheaf Group. He is a member of the Board of the Family Business Network International, co-founded and is a Life President of the Institute for Family Business (UK) and has served as a Director of the Family Firm Institute Inc. He is a Trustee of the Francis C Scott Charitable Trust, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Patron of Tomorrow’s Company. Alex graduated from Exeter College, Oxford with an MA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics and holds an MBA from IMD, Lausanne.

Alexis du Roy de Blicquy

CEO, FBN, Belgium / Switzerland

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Alexis is CEO of the Family Business Network (FBN). Prior to FBN, Alexis worked for various family businesses in senior positions, including Lhoist Group, Verlinvest and Armonea, a leading elderly care group in Europe. He was also Senior Investment Officer at IFC (World Bank Group) in the Treasury, Infrastructure and Microfinance Departments. Alexis is currently member of the Board of Family Business International Foundation and member of the Advisory Board of Mind & Life Europe. A Belgian and Swiss citizen, Alexis holds a Master in Management Science from Solvay Business School and is an INSEAD IEP Graduate.

Elena Zambon

Zambon S.p.A., Italy – G3

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Elena Zambon is currently Chairman of Zambon S.p.A., a pharmaceuticals multinational established in Vicenza in 1906. Elena represents the 3rd generation of the family. She is also Deputy Chairman of ZaCh System – Zambon Advanced Fine Chemicals S.p.A. and Director of Zambon Company S.p.A., the group holding, as well as member of the Board of Unicredit, Ferrari.

Maya Faerch

Faerchfonden, Denmark – G6

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Maya Faerch is 6th Generation member of Faerch Foundation, Business driving foundation. She is Leader of an Educational Program for NxG in the Faerch Foundation and co-founder and Board Member of RaMaSoCh, Investment Company, with her father and two younger brothers. Maya is a former Vice-President of the NxG International Committee.

Priscilla de Moustier

Wendel Participations, France – G9+

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After studying maths, economics, political science and sovietology, and having worked for 5 years for Creusot-Loire Entreprises, in charge of commercial negotiations for turnkey factories in Russia and Central Europe, Priscilla did an MBA at INSEAD. She then joined Mc Kinsey which she left to join Berger-Levrault, a 350 year old family company. At the time of perestroika in Russia, she ran the Joint Venture Club, a franco-russian association, the purpose of which was to promote business exchanges between France and Russia. Member of the Wendel family, she has been in charge since 1997, for Wendel and Wendel-Participations, of the supervision of the Wendel International Center for Family Enterprise at INSEAD. A board member of both Wendel the listed company and the family holding Wendel-Participations which has over 1000 family shareholders and where she is president of the Family Cohesion Committe, she is also vice-president of the french chapter of FBN.

Şerife Inci Eren

Inci Holding A.S., Turkey – G2

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Mrs. Şerife İnci Eren is a Board Member and Former President of İnci Holding, a family business of more than 60 years, specialized on automotive spare parts industry (8 companies, 3000+ employees). She is also the Board Member of Hayes Lemmers İnci Jant Sanayi A.Ş. Şerife is involved in Charitable and Networking Activities (Founder and President of Family Business Association (TAİDER), President of Cevdet İnci Education Foundation (İNCİVAK), Member and Meeting Chairwoman of 2012 İzmir Economic Development and Coordination Council (İEKK), and Founder Member of Aegean Industrial Free Zone Users and Investors Association. Şerife has been awarded “Successful Businesswoman of The Year” by Dünya Newspaper in 2000, the “Melvin Jones Friendship Grand Award” by Lions Club in 2008, and the “Special Award of ‘Owning Republic in Our City, VIII.’ by Çamlaraltı College in 2008.

Fred R. Sasser

Sasser Family Holdings, USA – G3

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Sasser Family Holdings is a 4th generation family held transportation asset finance and management company. The company operates rail, truck and aircraft ground support equipment in North America and Australia. After 36 years as CEO, Fred has assumed the position of Executive Chairman, turning over daily management to the company’s first non-family CEO. 4th generation family members are active in governance of the family and the business. The company remains 100% owned by Sasser family members, all direct descendants or in-laws of the founder, Fred H. Sasser.

Joaquin Uriach

Grupo Uriach, Spain – G5

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Joaquin Uriach is President of the Board of Directors of Grupo Uriach, founded in 1838. Grupo Uriach is the oldest pharmaceutical company in Spain and the second oldest in Europe. Joaquin is is a former member of the Family Business Advisory Committee at FFI, President of the Family Business Chapter (Esade Alumni), and member of the Board of several Family Businesses. He was founder of the Next-Generation Group at FBN Spain (IEF), former President of FBN Spain (IEF) and FBN Ambassador.

Sajen Aswani

Tolaram Group, Singapore- G3

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Sajen Aswani is CEO of Tolaram Group, Singapore-based company, founded in 1948, with companies in several business sectors – manufacturing of food, paper and textile, marketing and distribution, financial services and real estate developments in six countries. He brings with him over 30 years of experience in managing and developing industrial and trading operations in Asia, Europe and Africa. In addition to his leadership in the family business, Sajen plays a number of significant community leadership roles at local, regional and global levels. Since 2013, Sajen has been advisor to the Board of Directors of the Business Families Foundation, alongside influential thought leaders John Davis and Nadir Mohamed.

Arjun Chowgule

Chowgule & Co, India – G4, President NxG

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Arjun Chowgule is the Executive Director of Chowgule and Company – the holding company of the Chowgule Group, Industrial conglomerate with interests in commodities, logistics, engineering, trading and education. Arjun is involved at an operational level of the engineering businesses, and also oversees finance at Group level. Arjun is President of The NxG Leadership Team.

Valentine Barbier-Mueller

Société Privée de Gérance, Switzerland – G3, Vice President NxG

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Valentine Barbier-Mueller is a third-generation member of the SPG-RYTZ Group in Switzerland, which operates in real-estate services.

Before joining the family business, Valentine worked with innovative organizations, such as Swiss project Solar Impulse, and Techstars-backed startup Codementor. With her sisters and cousins, she also founded Les Muses BM, an ethnic-inspired jewellery brand that perpetuates the century-old family tradition in the world’s arts and cultures.
Valentine is the Vice-President of the NxG Leadership Team. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts from King’s College London and an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School.

Philippe Grodner

Simone Perele, France, G2

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Philippe Grodner holds a MBA from Essec in France. He has been CEO and President of Simone Perele since 1978. Since 2016, he is member of the Board of METI, a French middle-sized companies syndicate, lobbying for legal and tax regulations. Since 2016, Philippe is President of FBN France.

Mark Oliver Schreiter

Erco, Germany, G3

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Mark Oliver is Managing Director of ERCO GmbH. Representing the third generation of the family in the ERCO Managing Board, he is also a member of the supervisory board of Carpe Diem GBS mbH, an elderly care group in Germany, and his other family business. Mark Oliver holds a MA degree in History and Economics from University of Cologne and is a board member of the German FBN Chapter.

Alessandra Nishimura

Jacto Group, Brazil, G3

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Alexandra was the Next Gen Coordinator and FBN Brazil Board Member for seven years. Alessandra is a part of the the group of founders of the recently launched NowGen Community. 
Currently she is a board member of the Jacto Group, leads the family governance, and is devoted to philanthropy. She is the co-founder of Arvore da Cidadania, a project that encourages volunteer work. Alessandra is a Board Member of the IDF-Instituto de Desenvolvimento Familiar, as the Family Responsible Company Program.

Günseli Ünlütürk

Sun Tekstil, Turkey, G1

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Günseli Ünlütürk established Sun Tekstil with two other family members in 1987. As one of the founders of Sun Textile and Ekoten, she served in different positions in the family business and played an active role in Sun Tekstil's growth journey. Gunseli is part of the management of Sun Tekstil's retail brand Jimmy Key and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jimmy Key and concurrently with Sun Textile and Ekoten Board of Directors at Sun Group. 
Her family is one of the founder members of TAIDER Family Business Association, member association of FBN-I. She is the board member of TAIDER for 2017-2019 period and leader of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee.

George Terberg

Terberg Group, Netherland, G4

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George Terberg is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Terberg Group. They have over 30 family shareholders and have started the preparations of the 5th generation.
George is in the process of handing over operational tasks to other executives allowing him to have more time and flexibility to other activities. With 28 operating companies in 11 countries, Terberg is one of the largest independent specialist vehicle suppliers, from terminal tractors to cars, conversions to new builds. Turnover reaching 1 billion. In 2017 they have won the Family Business Award in the Netherlands. They are one of the founding members of FBNed.